October 11, 2023

March 30, 1933 - October 3, 2023

Margaret Ellen Scherrer was born in 1933 to Edward and Francis Farley of Tecumseh, Nebraska. She was one of 6 children born to the Farley home: Mary Jo Laue Foetisch, Margaret Scherrer, Marjorie Scherrer, Charles Farley, George Farley, Betty Huttenmeyer.

The family lived in the Tecumseh area for most of their years of upbringing with two of the siblings remaining there throughout their adult lives.

Margaret had a keen ability to juggle numbers and as a bookkeeper usually found herself in some kind of financial management for one business or another over the years. She seemed to understand the value of a dollar more keenly than most at her young age.

She was a friend to many and a faithful wife, mother, grandmother, and great grandmother.

One of her earliest areas of work was that of baby sitting and assisting families in the Tecumseh area that would have dinner parties. She would; serve the dinner, then the dessert, clear the table, wash the pots, pans and dishes and utensils, clean the kitchen and dining area and would eventually go home with twenty-five cents in her pocket. She not only knew what it took to earn a dollar but as well what it took to earn a penny. These life lessons on knowing how to work to earn your way came in many forms and fashions but she started her life graced with a good foundation of value and work ethic.

When Margaret was between 17-19 years old, she began working for Mr. Critchfield, the local GM Motors dealer in Tecumseh NE. She was trained in GM financing and grew in keen understanding of the details of the GM system and the automotive sales process.

When she was 20 years old, she got a phone call from Ted Spade the GM dealer in Limon Colorado. Spade had inquired of Mr. Critchfield if he knew anyone that would have good skills that he could contact for employment. For some reason, Mr. Critchfield offered this young Margaret as a potential candidate. Critchfield and Spade had a network of dealers that created this opportunity for Margaret and upon receiving Spade’s call Margaret said, yes!

She would receive twice the pay per week, from $35-$75 and upon the acceptance of the job this was the case. She made the decision to go to this place called Limon in 1953.

Her sister Mary Jo and husband Ray lived in Colorado Springs and said that this place called Limon was a windy, dusty town and wished her the best in such a dry area. Mom loaded on a bus and moved to Limon when she was 20 and upon her first step off the bus the wind was blowing, and the dirt was moving down the street. Mom is quoted to say: Dang, I like this place, I really do!

With suitcase in hand and a clock radio, Margaret moved to her new hometown. Mr. Spade showed her a couple of possible basement apartments and she selected one of them.

One of her first tasks was to buy some groceries because you just don’t eat out normally. So, she set out on foot and found the grocery store. She missed the big store in town but did find a smaller one near the current day Del’s Barber shop. This is the place and time that she met the man that would be her future husband within the year and the two were married in 1954.

Hugh and Margaret loved going to church, being involved in the church choir, and living life in that first year of acquaintance. It was a union that would last until Hugh’s passing in 2010 and the union continued to operate in a state of devotion throughout the final 13 years of Margaret’s life up until her passing. The two would have 5 children: Jinnohn, Diane, Mary Teresa, Gregory and Dean. Mary Teresa’s life lasted only a few days and always seemed to be a reminder of love in the family throughout the years.

Margaret continued in the automotive business for some years until the children came along and then she focused her labor and love on them as well as managing life on the farm. They lived near Arriba for a period of years and then had the opportunity to purchase their own farm along with Hugh’s brother, Donald, south of Matheson, CO. where the farm continues today 62 years later.

Margaret eventually went back to work and waited tables at the Nordica Restaurant for years and the kids still recall the excitement of counting tips at the end of the days and appreciating the dollars and cents that she was able to earn and contribute to the family’s needs. Eventually Margaret would be the bookkeeper at the Nordica and moved back into the automotive industry working for various dealers over the years.

One of Margaret’s most rewarding experiences was when she was hired by Kipp and Paula Parker of the young business named Parker Ag. This is where she would work up until Hugh’s passing in 2010. Margaret loved the challenge of this growing enterprise and values the friendship with Parkers and the responsibilities that she was entrusted with to oversee their advancing business. She was grateful for that opportunity and enjoyed recollecting those days in her years of retirement.

During the years of her retirement, she was able to purchase a home in town after living in the country for a number of years by herself. This time as a city slicker was very enjoyable for her as she loved people and was able to build many special relationships with other women in the community. These days were true highlights for her, and she immersed herself into various activities and times of travel with many of these special friends.

This social schedule slowed suddenly when Margaret began to have health challenges and her paced slowed significantly. However, even up to the end some of those relationship continued with several particular friends extending to the day of her passing.

Margaret was a good friend and loved people in general. She was so blessed to enjoy these years of activity after many years of hard work and life in the country or behind the desk.

Upon increased health difficulties Margaret concluded the last 2 months of her life in assisted living and the family appreciated the love extended to her by many of the kind people there. This was a critical link that carried her to her final few days of life. Near the end Margaret desired so to go to sleep and just keep on sleeping and finally on Tuesday, October 3, 2023 this did indeed occur as she passed in her sleep just before dawn that day. Zechariah 14:7 reads: “At evening time it shall be light.” Indeed, the dark shadows of the fading flesh did result in the great light of eternity, and she now is in the full comfort of Christ her Savior.

Hugh and Margaret did enjoy the full lives of their four children and the kids, who are no longer kids, and were blessed beyond measure to enjoy these last 13 years with their mom. She has been a continuous outpouring of quiet mercy, kindness, love and support and they are all humbled and thankful for her love and the love that Hugh and Margaret offered to them throughout the decades.

Jinnohn Gilmore is a realtor in Denver, Diane and her husband Stan Kimble run the Kimble Law Office in Limon. They are the parents of Tim Kimble of Houston Texas who is an electrical transmission line journeyman and Tyler Kimble of Ellicott, Colorado who is a business partner with his friend Hannah and electrical lineman. Greg is pastor at Hi-Plains Baptist Church in Limon and continues to direct the bands at the Limon Public Schools. Greg and DeAnn have four children: Ashley and her husband Chad Malcom, farm north of Limon and they have six children and Ashley homeschools them and assists in the farming life; Shayley and her husband John Garcia who live in Johnstown, Colorado with John being a Sergeant with the Longmont police as Shayley homeschools their five children. Zachary and his wife Brittney (Johnson) live in Westminster, CO. with Zach working as a Data Analyst with Huntington Bank in Denver and Brittney is busy homeschooling their two children; Bradey is married to Kayla (Gallegos) and live in Cheyenne ,Wyoming. He is a construction contractor and is pursuing biblical studies as Kayla homeschools their three children.

Dean Scherrer runs a scenic design company in Denver called Tell Me Scenic Solutions, and is busy traveling throughout the country as he designs and builds various staging scenes for corporations that need his services. Dean’s son, Josh lives in Vermillion, South Dakota and runs his own restaurant named Cee Cee’s with his friend Amberly.

Margaret is preceded in death by her parents, Edward Farley and Frances Farley-Hervey, her husband Hugh Gerald Scherrer and their daughter Mary Teresa.

Margaret has 4 children, 7 grandchildren and 16 great grandchildren.

There are many very special nieces and nephews that are from all around the country as well. Margaret is survived by her younger sister Marjorie Scherrer of Colorado Springs, CO., her brother George Farley and his wife Pat of Henderson, Nevada, her youngest sibling and sister, Betty Huttenmeyer of Tecumseh, Nebraska, and her sister in-law Margie Jean Farley of Florida.

Of her siblings, she is preceded in death by her oldest sister, Mary Jo Laue Foetish and her younger brother Charles Farley.

The family extends their warmest appreciation for all the love for Margaret and the compassions demonstrated in the recent days.

Mass of Christian Burial Services were held at 10:30 a.m. Monday, October 9, 2023 at the Our Lady of Victory Catholic Church in Limon, CO. with Father Tomasz Jamka officiating.

Visitation, also on Monday the 9th was held from 9:10 a.m. to 9:45 a.m. Rosary from 9:45 am with a viewing for friends at 10:15 a.m.

The Love Funeral Home has performed the burial services for the Scherrer Family with the Interment service following at the Pershing Memorial Cemetery.

Memorial contributions will be given toward the Limon School Band Program and may be mailed to Limon Public Schools, PO Box 249 in Limon, CO. 80828.